DtoCサービス「seven dot」パンフレット制作


Good Thingsが運営するDtoCサービス「seven dot」の新しいパンフレットが完成しました。


The new brochures for seven dot, the DtoC service run by Good Things, are now available.

We’ve done a major renewal since the last version.
We’d like to share some of the things we considered during the production process.








更にその次のページでは、「一週間コーディネート」で着用した商品のポイントと価格を配置。Webサイトで配信している「seven dot tips」の告知と、このパンフレットがポスターとしてお部屋に飾れるコンセプトもご紹介しています。

ページ下部には、定期的に開催しているプレゼントキャンペーンをご紹介し、当選してくださった方々のお写真をご紹介することで、seven dotとユーザーとの普段からのSNSでの関係性やUGCを感じて頂けるように工夫しました。


Webサイトでも展開中の「FASHION BATON INTERVIEWS」と題し、仕事をする女性たちのライフステージの変化とファッションへの想いをご紹介。パンフレット制作時の6名の方を掲載するとともに、お一人にフューチャーしてその一部をご紹介。


<The Brochure Overview>

The composition of the four pages is the same as the last time, but the content is put in the other three pages, with the first page looking like the cover.

Mail order catalogs are usually large in number, but promotional materials with a large number of pages are not good for the environment considering that they will be discarded. On the other hand, we want to convey our thought to our users, so we chose this structure.

<The cover of a book>

The simple display of photos and brand names creates a sense of anticipation that leads to the content within. The cover is designed to be used as a poster for your room.

<The content on pages 2 and 3>

On the next page, after turning the cover, we placed the importance of the concept “KIMAWASHI” that the brand wanted to convey the most – “Mix and match fashion”.

You will see the character’s week as a working woman in a storyline, while wearing a few items to complete the week’s coordination.

On the next page, the points and prices of the products worn in the “One Week’s Coordinate” are arranged.
We’re announcing the “seven dot tips” distributing on our website, and introducing the concept of having this brochure’s cover as a poster in your room.

At the bottom of the page, we introduce our regular giveaway campaigns and photos of the winners, so that you can feel the relationship between the seven dots and the users on SNS and UGC(User Generated Contents).

<The back cover>

“FASHION BATON INTERVIEWS”,  developed on the website, introduces the changing life stages as working women and their thoughts on fashion.
We’ve featured six people, and here’s part of our interview with one of them.

The content of the interview was written vertically, making it easy to read by taking advantage of the characteristics of the paper.

Designer:Ryoma Sato

Project Manager:Erina Hosho

Thank you for other many people…

Good Thingsでは、デジタルだけではなくOtoO施策をシームレスに実施することでより相互作用が働き、事業に貢献できると考えています。

At Good Things, we believe that the seamless implementation of OtoO measures, not just digital, will allow more interaction to work and contribute to the business.




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